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Eye Health

The seven essentials of Eye Health to maintain great vision for life:

  1. Ensure you are receiving comprehensive Eye Care - have your eyes tested examined every 2 years or annually if you have a family history of an eye diseasebecausedamage to your eyes can occur well before you become aware of a loss of vision and once damage has occurred, it cannot always be repaired
  2. Don't smoke - smokers and people that have smoked in the last 20 years are three times more likely to develop Macular Degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in Australia)
  3. Keep a healthy lifestyle & control your weight
  4. Eat a healthy well-balanced diet
    1. Limit your intake of fats
    2. Eat fish two to three times a week or alternatively take fish oil supplements
    3. Eat fresh fruit & vegetables daily, especially dark green vegetables
    4. Choose low GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates
  5. Exercise regularly – lowers risk of glaucoma & other eye conditions
  6. Wear sunglasses - exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration cancer and pterygiums, therefore adequate protection from sunlight exposure is necessary, especially when young
  7. Wear safety spex not just at work, but also at home - 95 per cent of eye injuries treated in Australian hospitals are a result of carelessness and lack of attention to basic eye safety precautions

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